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Art & Antique Insurance

At SML Logistics, we provide insurance, which is specifically intended for the relocation of fine-arts and antique valuable items, with approved methods and special packaging materials. To add more to the safety, these items will be handled by staff and packers having many years of experience in this sector.

Our team of art division is greatly knowledgeable in the moving and storing of paintings, delicate ceramics, antiques, sculptures and valuable fine art items.

While we promise the maximum quality service to look after your fine art, they may be unprotected to dangers outside our control. So, it is always best to insure your collection while in relocation or in storage.

Talk to one of our dedicated insurance consultants today to know how you can insure your valuables during the relocation.

International Fine Art & Antique Insurance

SML Logistics offers the highest quality service on an international scale. We are committed to excellence and continuity of care across every single fine art item.

At SML Logistics, we work with a high-class group of global partners to make sure your items remain safe when relocated via sea or air.

From handling single artworks to large, you can trust SML Logistics with your valuables.

At SML Logistics, we are passionate about what we do. We offer fine-arts and antique relocation consultancy services with a focus on the practical issues you face while relocating a new location.

Fine Art Consultancy Service

Our fine-arts and antiques relocation consultancy specialists have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the fine-arts and antiques and know how to handle them tactfully. We know the challenges involved in the transportation of fine-arts and antiques. And by reducing the stress, our clients can settle happily and quickly into their new lives in their place.

Reliable Asset Management Services

Our asset management services comprise electronic shipment tracking and we use modern barcoding technology. Furthermore, we use tailored motion sensors to monitor fine art movement throughout the relocation journey of your items.

Hence, trust SML Logistics for perfect fine art management and consultancy services.

Modernization and customization are the key features of SML Logistics fine-arts and antique logistics department. We offer complete end-to-end fine-arts and antique relocation solutions taking care of transportation, packing, import, and export clearance, and storage for all your fine-arts and antique valuables. The items go through the logistics process safely and efficiently.

Management of Art Exhibition, Auction & Antique Fair Logistics

SML Logistics offers logistic services for your fine-arts and antiques at the most affordable rates. We aim to take the entire responsibilities from you that are involved in transferring the fine-arts and antiques so that you don’t have any trouble while relocating to a new place.

Quality Assured International Fine Art Transport and Storage

We have built up a very supportive and well-structured transportation system, which surely will wipe off all your fine-arts and antiques transportation dilemmas when you are relocating to a foreign land. Whatever be your needs, we have a very well-defined transportation procedure to relocate your valuable fine-arts and antiques.

We also offer tracking and monitoring services for your peace of mind. It ensures trustworthiness, and you can keep a check on your valuable pieces.

Trust SML Logistics, to handle your large scale art exhibition, auction and antique fair logistics and we will never let you down!

Whether you are on a long term assignment where you can't take your valuable fine-arts and antique possessions along or due to the lack of space at your new place, whatever may be the reason is, SML Logistics have the solution for it.

Personalized Artwork & Antique Storage Solutions

The place in which your artwork is stored can bring a huge difference to the long life of the fine art. Fine art pieces are mostly affected by sunlight, humidity, smoke and temperature, resulting in their severe and permanent damage.

That’s why SML Logistics offers various storage solutions to protect your valuables during their relocation.

At SML Logistics, we provide world-class fine-arts and antique storage facilities for your long and short term needs of storing your valuables. Our state of the art storage facilities gives you the convenience, safety, and affordability your fine-arts and antiques deserve. Our storage places are well maintained, have round the clock security, insured, and fully equipped with fire fighting and safety devices. Our secure storage facilities consist of:

  • Limited checked access and entry
  • 24/7 security systems
  • Shelving and painting rack storage options
  • Humidity and climate control options
  • Electronic inventory and tracking

Our team maintains a discrete and qualified approach and are ardent about artworks and the work we do.

Quality Assured Fine Art Storage

SML Logistics promises safe and secure relocation and storage of your fine art items by maintaining our integrated management system (IMS).

When you are relocating, your fine art and antiquities need to be handled with the utmost care. We understand what emotional value your artworks have for you. Altogether, you purchase your antique pieces with a decent amount of money.

When relocating to someplace, caring for your fine art pieces is the responsibility SML Logistics is happy to take. We offer an entirely professional service, which ensures your fine-art packing, handling, and relocation are smooth, hassle-free. And what’s more? Your art will remain in its original and perfect condition, no matter how long the journey is.

We work with you to develop a new idea, design the fine-art packing and handling procedure, and construct crating and other structures, which meet your exact fine-art relocation specifications.

Nationwide Fine Art Packing and Handling

Our expert team successfully coordinates the packing and handling of high risk and fragile fine art items, such as museum exhibits and valuable artefacts. We’re confident that, no matter what the size, shape, value or destination, SML Logistics can customise a logistic solution to meet your requirements.

SML Logistics dedicated climate-controlled vehicles protect your fine art pieces from environmental damage, while maintaining them in the best possible condition. Our dedicated vehicles cater for all types of fine art moves. Your items will be safely managed from start to end through our asset management system.

International Fine Art Packing and Handling

SML Logistics is dedicated to promote the highest standards of professionalism for fine art transportation and shipping at the overseas locations.

From handling single artworks to large, complex touring exhibitions, we coordinate an international relocation solution perfect to suit your requirements. SML Logistics is the name you can trust when relocating your fine arts overseas.